These three necklaces I created late spring last year. The necklace on the left is composed of rose quartz, pearls, and beautiful twisted glass beads with a rose motive. The pendant is a teardrop-shaped rose quartz in a silver setting. The necklace in the middle is of pink freshwater pearls, together with amethyst and ruby... Continue Reading →


More snow again today, I'm longing for spring, think positive, gives me time to plan my next watercolour with a verse in calligraphy. I  have mentioned before, I love moss - I think my next creation will be about this subject. Here is a poem by Hilda Coulding which expresses my thoughts very well. The... Continue Reading →



This is a photo from a recent gathering of the Norwegian Fjord Horse, or "Fjording" as it's known over here. These horses are sturdy, with beautiful colouring with a bristly mane which grows upward in punk fashion. It's a pure breed. The boy at the front is my cousin's grandson - both Håkon and his... Continue Reading →

Bumble Bee

I created this necklace with a pendant in silver and Bumble Bee Jasper (Indonesian jasper) - you can see why this stone has been called by this name. I love the colours of this stone, which I think is vibrant. The other stones used are lava, agate, Shoushan stone and beeswax beads with silver repousse... Continue Reading →

More Snow

We have had more snow, and it is  -13degrees C, with a wind blowing. More time for indoor activities, I stay mostly indoors when the temperature is so low  So here's a poem for winter! (And the robin is hopping along on the terrace) SNOW No breath of wind, No gleam of sun – Still... Continue Reading →

Just Around the Corner

I am exhibiting a few paintings and a selection of jewellery this week at the local "Girls Club" While sorting out which paintings I would exhibit, I found this one in pen and wash which I had painted early last year. The wild "hvitveis", as they are called over here, are amongst the earliest flowers... Continue Reading →

The Glamour of Glass

I was in Sweden on Sunday, together with family, and treated myself to the tea light on the left of the photo. I have noticed glass is being made with more texture and with  geometric patterns as on this tea light. It goes beautifully with both the paperweight and the sculpture I have from before.... Continue Reading →

Flowers in the Snow

More snow arrived this weekend. I love snow, just hate it when it comes and goes all the time, leaving a wet mess that freezes over in the evening, making it very slippery. A new snowfall transforms everything, and brightens the surrounding scenery. Days are already much longer, and I have ordered various seeds for... Continue Reading →

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