The Last Autumn Walk

It's snowing again , so tomorrow I shall take photos of nearby landscape. Tonight I am showing a photo from my last walk this autumn. I found the area at the base of this stone fascinating. I let the picture speak for itself...                        ... Continue Reading →


Mango Mango

This week my daughter, Sylvia, is on a pre-Christmas visit over from England. Yesterday she made me a cheesecake with a mango topping. It tastes as good as it looks!  

Christmas Colours

Here is another new creation ready for pre-Christmas occasions, with chunky coral from warm waters, together with glowing freshwater pearls and tiny shimmering golden beads. Perfect as a contrast to a classical black outfit.  


Last week we suddenly had a snowstorm, not as much as in this photo of a watercolour I painted a few years ago, but enough to transform the everyday landscape. I have mixed feelings when it snows, a feeling of wonder at the change of everything, at the same time the inconvenience of it. I... Continue Reading →


This week we have had gales, then a snowstorm. Everything turned white, which is beautiful, but then it rained, and the world turned from crystal white serenity into dark skies and wet earth. No birds are to be seen today. Usually there are many, both on the ground and in the garden trees. Yesterday I... Continue Reading →

Pre Christmas Exhibition

My granddaughter, Jenny, and I are holding a pre-Christmas exhibition. I am showing watercolours and jewellery, and Jenny is exhibiting photographs. We were busily hanging photos and watercolours when Jenny's father popped in , so we had a glass of warm gløgg and a chat before carrying on with mounting the exhibition. It's a tradition for... Continue Reading →


This Tuesday our group of hikers walked through the woods at a place called Bossum. It poured while we were out, but cleared up after a while. Several of us had plastic ponchos which we put on over our jackets. In this area, and several other places around, the local communities have put up a... Continue Reading →

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