Time for Turquoise

This creation is, in my mind, perfect for summer, with echoes of the sea. Imagine wearing this necklace with a tan, and a white dress or top. The necklace is compose of turquoise, aquamarine silver coloured spacers and small Swarovski crystals. The clasp is of sterling silver and the pendant is also sterling silver together... Continue Reading →


Summer Exhibition

My granddaughter, Jenny, and I opened our Summer Exhibition on Friday. The previous day a journalist came and interviewed us, and this is the photo that appeared in the local paper, Fredrikstad Blad. Jenny exhibited photos, mainly from nature, and I had watercolours, some paired with a verse in calligraphy, and jewellery. Below are a... Continue Reading →

St Hans Bouquet

St Hans has come and gone, with a heatwave over a very long period of time, and only a couple of days of rain since the beginning of May. This is my painting of  a St Hans bouquet. I usually pick this selection of flowers from my garden about the same time each year, but... Continue Reading →


Early this morning I decided to water the flowerbed in my garden which is by a row of bushes, as I didn't have time to water the evening before. I pointed a concentrated stream of water into the centre of my jasmine bush as it was wilting, and out popped a fawn, the smallest deer... Continue Reading →

A Cool Green Girl

About a week ago my son and I were  in Sweden. We live just over an hour's drive from Nordby, a large shopping centre. The place is filled with Norwegians as  food is much cheaper in Sweden. I buy cheddar cheese there (locally this isn't available), and Irish lamb, boned. I enjoy an afternoon out,... Continue Reading →

The Helena Hybrid Rose

This rose was bought in remembrance of my late husband, David, by my twin sister and her husband, together with two other rose bushes. The deer are always nibbling at the other two, which are called "Jazz", but this rose has soared upwards. This year it is really blossoming profusely (the photo shows about half... Continue Reading →


I have heard the wind pass and return And stoop to whisper among the trees of the moss forest      


We are continuing with our heatwave - the grass is "crispy" as the sun beats down on my garden which is on a plateau at the beginning of a mountain. I have shade on the terrace until just after noon, then full sun until dusk, which is at the moment about 10 pm. As a... Continue Reading →

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