Ruby Necklace

When I'm not out walking or in my garden, and usually on a rainy day, I either paint a watercolour or create a new necklace. This one I have made with the thought of  the Christmas season. (end of September, it's not far away!) This necklace is composed of faceted ruby rondelles and black freshwater... Continue Reading →


Ferns, Water and Woods

As I mentioned in my last blog, our group have begun our morning walks, I really look forward to them. On some parts of our journey we walk briskly, other times we amble along chatting, or stopping , as here, to take photos . The sky was grey, it was wet in the woods after... Continue Reading →

The Well

Autumn has definitely arrived, and our group has begun walking trips again. We drive to various locations for our hikes. I sit on with Ellen, a distant member of the Norwegian side of my family and a good friend. I walk over to her house further up the road and we drive from there. While... Continue Reading →

Lilac Mist

I named this necklace "Lilac Mist", a longer necklace this time, composed of oval and faceted amethyst stones. Amethyst has been associated with numerous myths, legends and religions, and was favoured by royalty and clergy. I personally love this stone for it's beautiful shades of lilac and purple and the way it complements both warm... Continue Reading →

On a Rainy Day

Yesterday it poured with rain all day. I had a visit from Jenny, my grandchild. We had originally planned to go for an Autumn walk on Hankø, but we decided to stay home and make sausage rolls.  All the members of our family love them, and Jenny has made them many times before. Sausage rolls... Continue Reading →


I am fond of this homely plant and have this one in my greenhouse. I also have two in a pale pink colour, called "Dronning Ingrid Pelargonium". These are known as retro types, previously old fashioned, but now a little trendy . I love them as they remind me of times gone by, their fragrance is... Continue Reading →

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