As Time goes by, after – Yoga

The first floor which used to be used for exhibitions is now a centre for yoga. I think the location is very suitable for practicing this kind of art.                                                                                                              Photo: Fredriksstad blad


As Time goes by, before – Gallery

My late husband and I ran a gallery for 23 years in this old building, which was built as be a storage place for grain. The photo is from the first floor, and shows part of an exhibition of Australian art made by members of The Sydney Printmakers. Yesterday I was at a meeting, and... Continue Reading →

Dark Tones 2

The necklace on the left: Rock crystal, lava and tubes of hematite The necklace on the right: Lava, snowflake jasper and tubes of hematite

Dark Tones

I have been busy creating new necklaces for the Autumn. This one is composed of onyx, lava, dark grey freshwater pearls in two sizes, silvered spacer beads and snowflake jasper.

The Rowan and the Begonia

Today I cut branches of the rowanberry tree in my garden with the thought of painting a wreath in watercolour. In addition I cut a flower off of a begonia in the garden which has just started flowering - a fantastic combination of yellow and red. The painting went well until I began to paint... Continue Reading →

Inspiration from England

As I wrote in an earlier blog, I was on a gardening tour in England, arranged by our local Gardening Society. We visited gardens in Hampshire and Dorset. This photo is from a garden in Fareham.

More Lime

The grass to the left is Hakonechloa grass, a beautiful coloured grass which likes half- shade. To the right are two Eunymus Fortunei "Emerald n Gold", which were given to me on my 70. birthday. They never grow any larger as they are nibbled away every winter by the deer here. Maybe they will have... Continue Reading →

I Love Lime

The hostas in my garden are thriving, and there so many varieties in colour to be found. The lime green hosta in the photo above is "Lakeside Cha Cha", and at this time of the year it is almost luminous.

Looking Back

Today I had my usual Monday chat with my twin sister, Solveig. We were discussing what fun we had when we were young. Last week, om television , there was a program about the Everly Brothers. My sister and I used to listen to the radio or play records, and sometimes sing their songs together.... Continue Reading →

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