Summer in the Hankøfjord

"Kongeskipet" , or the "King's Ship" as it is called, has been moored up in the Hankøfjord. This is a sure sign of summertime over here. Photo by John Shaw.


Garden By the Hankøsund

Everything is thriving at the moment, but I wish for rain soon, as the garden is really dry now. I potter around, enjoying the garden, pulling up a weed here and there. There's one thing with dry weather, the weeds slow down too! I can look down and see families with their children swimming, and... Continue Reading →

Lilytime 2

This is a closeup of the "Lollipop" lilies, which are in bloom now. I will be posting more on lilies as they open their buds. When I first made my lily bed a couple of years ago, I wondered if I would have to stake up the tallest lilies as It is very windy in... Continue Reading →


We have a heatwave here in Norway, and the lilies in my garden love this! The lilies to the right are "Lollipop", and the lantern in the photo is one I brought over from England while I was on my gardening tour.

From an English Garden 3

This garden is near Lyme Regis, along the coast. The garden composed of several terraced "rooms", gradually sloping towards the sea. This bower opens into a new area, opening up to blossoming trees.

Roses and Lilies

Everything is bursting into flower, although, being on a plateau during the summer, the flower beds need watering. I plant densly so I don't have to water all the time. We have water from our own source in addition to council water so I can water the garden as much as I wish, which is very... Continue Reading →

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