Summer Flowering

We have had a few days of sun, and the garden flowers have reacted to the sun kissing them!

I planted a few new peonies last year in peach and white. In another bed pale and dark pink peonies have grown large and are flowering profusely. In the main perennial bed I have largely chosen purple, shocking pink, orange and white flowers. I love strong colours.

Summer Sunset

This photo was taken by my neighbour. Summer is here , and it is soon St. Hans Aften, celebrating the longest day of the year.

I live on a plateau overlooking this place. People gather in the area by the local shop, which is just to the right of this photo, and get together, barbecue and listen to live music which filters up to my house and garden.


Peony Inspiration

Today my first peony, “Coral Sunset” has blossomed. It is peach in colour, with yellow stamens in it’s centre. The next ones on their way to open are a pinky white, “Shirley Temple”, and I  have also have one called “Green Halo” in the same flower bed which is white with a greenish rim.

This peony inspired me to fetch my peachy coloured freshwater pearls and create a double necklace. I also made a long necklace with pale peach pearls , together with jade in a peach colour.

Dark Skies

We have had quite a bit of rain this spring/early summer, with harsh winds in between. The plants in the garden like this type of weather, and I also find that there are many interesting skies to sketch for my watercolours.

This scene is from the Hankøsund, where I live. In the early morning the fjord is always still. Later in the day the currents produce ruffled patterns in the water. During the summer there are numerous yachts moored up, but I mainly omit these from my paintings, I just reflect the mood of nature for the day.


Valley of the Rhododendrons

Yesterday I visited Gothenburg Botanical Garden in Sweden, together with our local gardening society.

The area I enjoyed most was the Japanese Garden and the area with rhododendrons. We left a rainy Norway and arrived in Gothenburg with the sun shining. We wandered for several hours, experiencing contrasts in shade and sun throughout the various areas.

A  bridal couple with bridesmaids were having their photos taken with blossoming rhododendrons for their background. Altogether, it was an exhilarating and colourful experience.





After the Rain

Here at Vikene it has been raining for two days. The garden was really dry, even though it rained earlier . We have had quite severe winds,  the effect of the rain earlier was literally blown away!















Jade and Turquoise

In the summer mood, I created these two necklaces last year.

The necklace to the left is composed of lapis lazuli, white jade and carved turquoise. The one to the right is of carved turquoise, together with amazonite.

Both turquoise and lapis lazuli were used frequently in amulets and jewellery in ancient Egypt, and were associated with the goddesses Isis (magic and wisdom), and Hathor (fertility, motherhood and music).



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