Sunset in the orchard

This scene is from the woods where you can just about glimpse part of the huge rhododendron - it's the largest I have seen in Norway and was planted by the owners grandmother. The interior of the house is composed of old and antique furniture and accents.  Waffle and coffee was in keeping with the... Continue Reading →


The Old Well

Not far from my home is a house bordering to a wood, with old rhododendrons and an orchard. The current owner is working hard to restore both house and garden, and holds sheep, hens, a dog and two cats. The photo pictures the ancient well with fence round it, which is situated at the back of... Continue Reading →

Stone Serenity

This photo was taken on one of my walks. Our group of walkers take a break for the summer, and carry on again in the autumn. I thoroughly enjoy these walks, we have a pleasant tempo and chat on the way. We stopped here to have a cup of coffee . It's was so serene... Continue Reading →

A Trio of Bracelets

Amethyst and freshwater pearls 2. Onyx, lava and vintage crystals Double bracelet with freshwater pearls and amethyst. The combination of creamy freshwater pearls and amethyst literally sparkles! Love this combo for the spring/summer.

In Bloom

The lilacs in my garden are in blossom now, some only in bud. This is the second watercolour of my pink lilac bush , which is my favourite. I have also violet and white lilacs. We have had warmer weather, and plants are growing rapidly. It's an interesting time in the garden - soon the... Continue Reading →

Rhododendrons and Azaleas

The rhododendrons are starting to bloom. I always look forward to this, as I think the rhododendron is such a magnificent bush. This one in the photo is a deep purple. It stayed small for many years, then suddenly shot up. The azalea was given to me, and is quite new to the garden. It's... Continue Reading →

17. May

Yesterday was the Norway's national day, celebrating the constitution of the country. The highlight of the day is the children's parade, many wearing national costumes, or "bunad" as it is called over here. Afterwards children and parents gather at their schools for a speech, games, ice cream, coffee and cake. The photo is by Harry... Continue Reading →


The lilac bushes in my garden are budding. I have lilac and white bushes, but this pink one is my favourite. My husband, David , brought home a cutting years ago. I now have two bushes, and have given away quite a few cuttings myself.

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