Oh Cherry Tree

It’s spring, and the cherry tree is in flower, frothy white against blue skies. I just hope this weather lasts a while – we can still have an unexpected fall of snow, but the sun is stronger, so the snow melts away immediately.




































Snow and Sun

Yesterday morning it snowed, and these narcissus were bending right into the earth. Today, suddenly , the weather is much warmer, and the stems straightened up again, reaching outwards and upwards.

It reminded me of when I was much younger, travelling via the Swedish LLoyd ferries that travelled between England and Gothenburg. I could always tell which passengers were Scandinavian. They sat on deck with their faces upwards towards the sun, longing for the warm rays to touch their skin.  After living here in Norway for so many years, after a Long, dark and cold winter, I know just how they felt……

Fire Agate

Two new creations, both of mainly Indian fire agate.

The necklace to the left is composed of fire agate, carved jade, together with silvered spacer beads. The centre stone is a matching druzy. The necklace on the right is of pale grey labradorite, together with the fire agate . The pendant is also of labradorite, set in 925 silver.

Red for Spring!

I painted this climbing geranium two years ago (time flies!). I loved the fiery red colour, and the leaves were as stunning as the flowers themselves. Unfortunately it didn’t survive the winter down in my cellar. But it survives as a watercolour, reminding me of it’s vigorous growth and fiery colour.

Mossy Boundaries

This spring’s walks have started again, and we walked along the coast, and then through woods. On the way we passed this ancient boundary. It was an exhilarating walk as the birds were singing and we saw wild flowers peeping out in between dried leaves and pine trees.


I was browsing through some old photos and found this one. It is very interesting if you look closer. My husband and I were involved in the world of horses a few years ago.

The photo was taken at Akershus Fort, Oslo. The fort is right by the Oslo fjord, and this is why there is a ship in the background. The ship has a Russian symbol on the funnel , and just by chance this was next to the Norwegian flag in the photo. I also think it was unusual to see the top half of a ship as the background for a horse jumping over a hurdle.


Blue Lace Agate

I created this necklace for an jewellery exhibition a couple of years ago. These dreamy blue stones are lace agate. The blue has a slight lilac tinge to it, and the stone is said to be the stone of the Virgin Mary. As a contrast, I used stones of aquamarine. The clasp is 925 silver.

Easter and Match

What happens in my home town, Fredrikstad, when it’s Easter, but on the same weekend , there is a football match?

The town is decorated with orange feathers and silhouettes  of yellow chicks, and when you turn around, the bridge is decorated with flags with the emblem of Fredrikstad football club.

Getting Ready for Spring

Busy days tidying away  after winter and putting out tables and chairs on the terrace. I thought I would decorate the space in front of the side wall of the garage with a sewing-machine table , owl and pansies in a mini watering can.

In the back garden I have made a new flowerbed for irises, together with a couple of evergreen bushes. I will upload a photo later when there is something to show. The irises have exciting names, “Daughter of Stars”, “Be a Dream”, “Beverley Sills” and “Joaquin Lady”, amongst others. I have kept to a low key colour combination of pink, white, lilac and purple.  It will be exciting to see them bloom, but I doubt if that will happen this year, but I never mind waiting for a good thing……


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