A Look Back

It’s raining hard today, so I spent a while looking at old photos of the garden and my earlier watercolours. This one I painted three years ago, bringing in branches and berries from the garden. The leaves were spectacular colours that year – it was a beautiful autumn.

The rose hips are from rosa rugosa bushes, one of the first bushes my husband, David and I planted when we moved here to Norway. The birds love them, so they don’t last very long. The honeysuckle here grows wild all along, both up and down the mountain. It flowers well into the frost and sometimes over, depending on the weather.


This is the plum tree flowering last year. It won’t be long before the flowering starts this year. I am yearning, yearning….

Crocus, the reticulated iris and eranthis (winter aconite) are already blooming. The iris flowers have not be bitten off by the deer for lunch, thanks to my new electronic deer repellent. I have two colours “Pixie”, a brilliant violet with yellow markings, and “Katharine Hodgekin” a beautiful greyish blue with deeper veins.

I have  small pansy plugs in my planter by the veranda door, together with small decorative black rabbits. (soon Easter)


Gemstone Necklaces

Here are three more of my creations. The necklace on the left is composed of oval labradorite stones, together with silvered spacer beads. The pendant stone is titanium druzy.
The necklace in the middle is rose quartz with white jade, and the necklace on the right is created with faceted labradorite in a darker colour.

The Cherry Tree

I have a wild cherry tree in my garden. It’s huge, the cherries are small, but sweet and delicious. Birds feed from the top half of the tree, and I help myself from the lower branches.

I enjoy painting the fruits and in this painting I feel I have caught the mood of the cherries dancing in the wind. When these cherries are ripe – it’s summer!

New Garden Bed

Last autumn I “rounded off” the curve of my herbaceous border with an extension. I planted mainly colours of purple, white and pink flowers, choosing plants for their foliage as much as for their blooms.

I have grown most of perennials from seed, or divided plants from my other garden beds. The smoke bush was chosen for it’s purple leaves, and the white lilies were bought from a local plant nursery.

Deer, deer

Here is one of the deer that eat all the fresh shoots on the plants in my garden. The photo was taken by one of my sons, John. The deer usually climb down from the mountain at the back of my garden. The latest “salad” has been my iris, newly planted this autumn.

I have mixed feeling. I think it is a privilege to see these beautiful animals, but at the same time I am very annoyed that my garden is trimmed down to the bone, including three tree peonies that have about six inches of stem left. I have just bought an electronic deer repellant…..

Spring Colours

It is still winter here, and we have had snow for several days. I always long towards the spring, even though days are getting much longer.

I created these two necklaces in spring colours. The necklace to the left is composed of large rose quartz, fat freshwater pearls and twisted glass which have a rose pattern inserted.The clasp and pendant are 925 silver.

The long necklace on the right is created using grey freshwater pearls, amazonite, rose quartz, together with ruby coloured crystal glass and amethyst.

The Crown 1

This is an iron crown from a Norwegian wooden stove. My son, John, gave med two of them when I admired them in his shop. He sells antiques, retro products etc. These crowns are really beautiful, and I have found a new use for this one.

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