A Walk along the Fjord

This is from another of my walks with our group. We paused to have a cup of coffee and I took this photo. I thought the line of buoys made quite a visual impact snaking around the edge of the blue fjord.


Jade necklace

This necklace is made almost entirely of carved jade. Together with the jade are beads of turquoise and onyx. According to one of the ancient Chinese myths, the jade gemstone was crystallized moonlight, which had fallen to the earth to spread wisdom and peace.... Jewellery    

A Summer Wreath

I drew this summer wreath a few years ago, but kept a copy of the drawing. The wreath is composed of buttercups, daisies, pink clover, forget-me-nots and vetch. All grow wild in the near vicinity.


Winter  Nature creates art. Frost on an iron table is like icing on a cake - winter is cold but beautiful.


Gardening  I took a  photo of these little beauties yesterday, the weather was so mild, just like spring. This morning they were covered in snow. I though their name was very suitable..........


Jewellery  This is one of the first double threaded necklaces I have made. It consists of two rows of pink pearls, dark red crystal glass and silvered spacers intertwined.

Circle Art

Watercolours  Celandine, wood anemonies and scilla. These are the first flowers to come up in my garden. The wood anemonies grow at the base of the mountain where it is very damp, together with ferns and wild honeysuckle. The scilla grow on the sunny side of the garden, together with mini daffodils.

A Walk in the Woods

As I wrote earlier, I belong to a group walking for a couple of hours or more at a time. The walk shown is from last spring, mainly through woods, leading out to a route along the fjord.  

Bracelets in Blue

Jewellery  Here are three of my latest bracelets. The one  the left is composed of faceted agate rondelles, carved jade and shaped ceramic beads. The middle one is created with turquoise nuggets, together with lapis lazuli, and the third bracelet combines colourful glass beads, amber and agate. All three bracelets have magnetic clasps.  

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