Jasper and Coral

Jewellery  Every year I make my"Christmas Necklace", which is a necklace with a red stone combined with white, grey or black stones. This one has a coral and silver pendant. The other gemstones are onyx, coral and spiderweb jasper.



These lilies were flowering in my garden in August last year. The double lilies are from a collection of rose lilies and the taller ones are tree lilies. They do not have to be taken up for the winter once planted, and don't need much attention. I am really pleased with their quality, I ordered... Continue Reading →

Circle Art

Watercolours  Here is another of my pen and wash paintings. Last spring I brought buttercups and ground ivy in from the garden. I am fond of yellow flowers - many gardeners over here in Norway dislike this colour in their gardens , but this bright colour lights up on a dull day.

Amethyst Heart

Jewellery  I exhibited  a collection of my jewellery at Hvaler a little while ago. One of my favourites is this necklace which consists of faceted amethyst rondelles. The heart is also amethyst, and the geometric effect is  by agate in the amethyst.

Jerusalem Sage 2

I am looking forward to this plant (phlomis russelina)  flowering in my garden this year. It's a striking plant, and fun to obtain  new types of perennials by growing from seed.

Jerusalem Sage

Gardening  I participated in a gardening tour to England two years ago. We visited Bodnant Garden in Wales, a beautiful garden and wood with a dell. There, amongst many exciting plants and bushes, I saw Jerusalem sage for the first time. I fell for this perennial, and ordered seeds from the net (I haven't seen... Continue Reading →

Hematite and Chevron

Jewellery  Chevron shaped beads, exciting to create a necklace with! I matched these dark shiny beads with lava and rutilated quartz for a contrast. The center stone is black faceted labradorite.

Towards Spring

Today the landscape is covered with a layer of frost, glittering in the pale winter sky. It's beautiful out there, but I still long for the spring, so here is a watercolour in spring colours!

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